On to Wesley Camp

Today was busy, yet fun and awesome Day! We first ate breakfast together then we packed up our luggage in the van. Before we headed out to Wesley Camp we decided to have one last adventure around Riga and the central market. The market is made up of old German hangers from WW2 and is basically one giant farmers market, but much cooler. We all got some fresh bread and pastries that were some of the best things I've ever eaten. From there, we walked around old Riga and visited St. Peter's Church, which dates back to the 13th century. We had the opportunity to go up in to the tower part and experience a beautiful view of the city. After that we did a little souvenir shopping and ate lunch at a "pizza" place. This pizza looked like it was turned inside out to where all the toppings were on the inside. As strange as it sounds, it was very delicious. We headed out towards Liepaja for Wesley Camp. Once we arrived, we ate dinner, engaged in a worship service and took a little trip to the beach. We all walked down the beach. As we were walking it made me think about Latvians' past. During Soviet occupation, the beach was off limits to everyone out of fear that they would try to escape the country through the Baltic Sea. Guards in guard towers would basically shoot you if they even saw you close to the shore. It's truly remarkable how that just 30 years ago everything was so different. Something that seems so simple to us is something you could have died over. Not to mention the fact that we are even here as Christians, something else that was not a freedom. I praise Jesus so much for keeping us safe on this trip and miss everyone back home! 
God Bless!