O' the joys of roller coasters!

What an awesome day at The Flags! CHUMY knocked out Goliath (2x), BATMAN: The Ride, Mind Bender, Dare Devil Dive, Thunder River, The Great American Scream Machine (3x), SUPERMAN: Ultimate Flight (2x), JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle For Metropolis, Monster Mansion, Dahlonega Mine Train, Acrophobia, Twisted Cyclone (2x), Georgia Scorcher, Blue Hawk (2x) and the SkyScreamer! Such a fun time with the scripture monsters!

CHUMY enjoying a great day at Six Flags with the scripture monsters!

TALK // You have so much potential, energy, and passion. But even with such great qualities, teenagers like you are at risk of falling hard and making big mistakes. And it’s not just teenagers! Sin can mess up and consume any person’s life, leaving behind devastation and regret. To make things even more difficult, sometimes it’s hard to see exactly how decisions you make now will affect you later. The truth is, all of us grow tired and weary and stumble and fall. Thankfully, God is willing to renew our strength in those moments. Today, ask God to help you avoid stumbling and falling into sin.

DAILY DEVOTION “Light and momentary” may not be the way you would describe your troubles. They may feel more “heavy and never-ending.” But with the right perspective, the way you view your problems can change. When you start to see your problems in light of your entire school career, it can make your current troubles feel more momentary. And when you see your current problems in light of your entire life, it can make them feel even lighter and even less of a big deal. As you go about your day today, remember that your problems don’t have to be heavy and all you ever think about. With the right perspective, over time they’ll begin to feel a little lighter and more manageable.

Our student ministry at Christ Harbor is dedicated to helping teenagers, 6th-12th grades, experience a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We shatter the stereotype that church is boring and work to be a place where you can belong, learn about Jesus, and bring your friends. Each Wednesday we teach from the Bible on topics relevant to teenagers, like dating, stress, depression, partying, identity, parents, friendships and more. Our goal is to expose you to who Jesus is and help you fall more and more in love with Him. We will welcome you if you’re just checking out this whole Jesus thing and challenge you if you have been following Him for your whole life. We hope to see you soon!

Wednesdays 6:30-8:15PM
6th-12th Grades

Student Worship is our large group weekly service and is created to celebrate life in a way that is fun yet challenging for believers and welcoming to those who are new to church. We kick off every Wednesday night with fellowship that involves outdoor activities like football, volleyball, kickball, indoor dodgeball and a great place to just hand out with friends. We then move to our service which has great music, games, and a challenging message from God's Word. Student Worship is a place where you can belonglearn about Jesus, and bring your friends. Our hope is that the this service will expose you to who Jesus is and help you fall more and more in love with Him.

Current Series: My Name Is...
Who are you, really? The answer may be simpler than you
think. In this series, we’ll discover that when we look to God
for the answer, we can live confidently knowing our identity
is found in Him


Wednesdays 6:30-8:15

Sundays 5:30-7PM

Whether you are in Middle or High school, we have a small group for you. Small Groups are a place to connect with other students where you'll learn more about how to grow in your own personal relationship with God. We pay attention to what’s going on in your life, and we care about you. This happens best in a small group environment, where each week we spend time in an intimate setting, talking, processing, and praying about what’s going on in your life. You will not leave dissappointed. 

The Old Testament is full of amazing stories about remarkable people. From the very beginning, God has been at work in people’s lives, whether kings, prophets, judges or ordinary individuals. By looking at how God worked in their lives, we see God’s character, His love and provision, His judgment and discipline, and His redemptive plan for humanity.

Character reveals how people of the Old Testament encountered God in amazing ways and their lives were drastically changed. In this study your students will be challenged to see how an encounter with God will change their lives forever.


Sundays 5:30-7:00pm

Retreats, Events and Missions

The Student Ministry at Christ Harbor is very active with different life changing retreats and events throughout the year. We are also a mission minded ministry that regular sponsors local, state and foreign mission opportunities. We hope you will join us!

Click on the links below for information and registration for upcoming retreats, events & missions: