Our Vision

To see individuals, families, and communities flourish from finding meaning, purpose, and significance as they know the unique contribution they were created to make in Jesus Christ.

2034 Vision Narrative

The routines of modern life leave most people feeling as though they are swimming against the current, struggling to keep their head above water. They’re sinking beneath the waves, seeking meaning, significance, and fulfillment in shallow and empty pursuits. Young people, drowning in the wash of online influencers, struggle to define who they are and what they should live for. In despair, our culture is collectively facing a crisis of identity. Families are under attack, our communities have had their moral foundations eroded, and the most vulnerable in our society have been targeted for destruction in spirit and body. One of the saddest truths of modern life is that most people will never know their unique purpose or how to make the contribution only they can offer the world.

Jesus said, “I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly,” and we believe that God has uniquely positioned and called Christ Harbor to be a place to bring connection, formation, and purpose for the people in our community and beyond. We believe God has uniquely positioned Christ Harbor to be a beacon of hope and purpose in our community and West Alabama. Multiplying leaders through intentional spiritual formation, we seek to leverage the collective power of a fully mobilized Church, leading people to Christ and teaching them how to navigate their particular calling to live in the Kingdom victory and power of the Resurrection. 

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone and that when He is lifted high, He draws all to Himself. We will help every believer discern their unique Kingdom purpose, equip them to fulfill that purpose and empower them to walk in it. We will build stronger families by giving parents the training, tools, and support they need to form the next generation for Kingdom living and service effectively. We will do this by engaging across generations to leverage the collective wisdom, experience, and perspectives that come from multiple age groups. We will multiply our impact at home and abroad by being formed in service to our community and the world through strategic partnerships with missional partners. We want to see other churches flourish and grow alongside us, as together, we embody the presence of Christ in Tuscaloosa County and West Alabama.