Our Story

Our Story

Christ Harbor began in the fall of 1998 in the pastor’s living room. Soon the church moved to the Huntington Activity Building for Sunday services. In January of 2000, Christ Harbor officially chartered and has seen God’s hand at work in our congregation, our services and in our lives. The church remained portable, but later began meeting in a larger facility, the Tuscaloosa County High School Cafeteria. In March of 2005, the church moved into our first building and current location next door to Tuscaloosa County High School.

In December, 2022, Christ Harbor became a member of the new, conservative, Global Methodist Church.

Our purpose is to help you build a relationship with God that improves every part of your life. We do this in three ways: worship, small groups and service.

About Our Name and Logo

A harbor is a place where ships, and people, are protected from storms while they prepare for the next part of their journey. A good harbor is deep, yet safe. At Christ Harbor, we allow Jesus to take us to the deep places of the spirit so that we will be better vessels for His service throughout life. It is a place where you will be accepted and loved, and also challenged to go deeper with God.

Our logo depicts a lighthouse in the form of a cross, representing a beacon in the distance. The water is troubled and deep, but moving closer to the cross, the water is shallow and safe, symbolic of the firm foundation only available through the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.