Sunday in Liepaja

After our first night at Wesley Camp, we awakened from our newly furnished room in the Alabama building. The Latvians took time out of their schedule to make sure we had beds to sleep in, instead of our air mattresses. We enjoyed fresh coffee and buttered bread before heading to Liepaja First Methodist. The service consisted of a lot of Jesus and a lot of translating. We got to enjoy some of their instruments, choir, and hymns, and I hope they enjoyed our worship just as much. Chris decided to start off with a song we do in the youth called "You're my brother you're my friend". Our translator told us afterwards that the church thought we were crazy but it was a good thing. But the pastor liked it so much that he wanted to do another one after the service. Anyway, Chris got to talk to them about spreading the Gospel and how to go about doing that. We handed out some tracks that were in Latvian and encouraged them to pass 'em on. After the service we got to have fellowship in the fellowship hall and it was a lot different than at Christ Harbor. They'd made coffee and put some food out for everyone. We sat and ate and just told stories about who we were and what we were doing.  It was very cool to see how interested they were in who we are. We've felt so loved since the time we've gotten here and it's very encouraging to see the love of Jesus in a people who have been through so much. 


Chris leading a worship workshop with some of the Latvians.