Camp - Day 3

Today is our third full day of camp!! We started our morning off with a prayer and share time with the leaders. There are a lot of exciting things happening and one of the most exciting is that a lot of the kids are understanding the teaching Chris and Jim are doing.  God is truly using them in their own special way with these kids. We headed to breakfast this morning. American leaders were treated to special coffee and sandwiches. We had some free time to play games and interacted one on one with the kids. We headed to group time this morning with a special game called Latvians' Got Talent!! We had Paula (Nikki) and Simon (Chris) as the judges. Each team did a group song with kazoos. Everyone did a great job. Every team got to up their score with individual performances. We had a tie for first play so we did a tie breaker. It was really hard to pick a winner so we had to get a third judge. So the White Wolves got the win. As we finished Jim spoke to us about Joshua and how God used him to bring the walls of Jericho down. Then we had free time. Kids played spike, Uno, some drew pictures and some just talked. Some of the Americans were taught a new game that the Latvians play called nation ball. It reminded us of dodgeball. As we gather back in small groups we had a great time using paper towels to make mummies for each team. As the kids finished mummifying one of their teammates we had a fashion show. Each team had unique mummies. Jim told the story of Lazarus. We ended our group time with some water games. We had a member from each team pick a player to get messy during a relay race showing how sin makes us dirty. We had the team members work together in making their teammate clean showing how when we asked for forgiveness God makes us clean and in order to stay clean we must not live in sin! We ended our week of games with a slip and slide. We had a wonderful closing service with worship, Jim summing up the week of teaching and Chris told what Christ had done for us and shared the crucifixion. It really spoke to the kids in a special way and several of them accepted Christ for the first time.