The Gospel

Games, games, games, but most importantly the Gospel. Today the
campers separated into four teams; the White Wolves, Shusanas Cream,
Cotton Candy, and Unicorns, each team competes in several challenges
throughout the day. Jim led in several games, which includes lots of
shaving cream, each game led directly to the Word of God.  This has
been the first Full day for campers, and the Gospel has already been
shared three times, three different ways, Praise the Lord.
        This week’s theme is Emergency Exit.  God always provides a way out,
He is not just fire insurance. We have a large emphasis on the order
of salvation, one believes and receives Christ, then begins good works
through God’s love.  The Latvians seem to think the works come first
then salvation is earned, but one cannot wait until the fire comes to
build an emergency exit.  My prayer is that we demonstrate grace in
such a way that every camper understands before they leave. They need
to see that salvation is truly free.
        Our group and the local staff are working together very well.  Most
of the staff speak at least some English, which has almost completely
removed the language barrier between us and the campers.  The staff
and camp leaders have made it easy for us to interact with the
campers.  During our free times the staff and campers have even taught
us some Latvian, I’m sure our accents are horrible, but they are
having a good time with it.
        We were able to have some 4th of July fireworks late in the evening.
One of the local men makes homemade fireworks, which is the only way
to get big ones here, so we made a deal with him to get a few.  He
brought them to us, set them up, lit them, and drove away really fast.
  All the fireworks went off and were absolutely amazing! I believe
the campers enjoyed the display, and I was thankful we were able to
celebrate our independence, on the fifth.
Daniel Terry


The ladder game.  In Galatians 3, Paul teaches us that faith has to come before works.  This game teaches that only the Holy Spirit can produce in us fruit once you get the order right.


Fireworks a day late, but worth the wait! NOTE: This is about 11:20 at night. We waited as long as we could for it to get dark.