Second Full Day of Camp

This morning marked the start of the second full day of camp. Carson
and I started our days a little earlier than the rest of the group
because someone had to wake up the campers. We went around with a loud
bell singing “Rise and Shine”. Soon after, everyone reported to
breakfast. The staff whipped up potato salad for the campers and some
homemade oatmeal for themselves and us leaders. Following breakfast
was a short period of free time. The kids really enjoy the game
‘spike’ during this time because they have the opportunity to hit
others with the volleyball. Starting around nine oclock was our first
group session. Jim presented a great object lesson to everyone about
how Jesus covers over our sins. The demonstration involved an unlucky
volunteer who didn’t realize that they were about to get a little wet.
Jim poured some water in a cup with some holes in it and held it over
her head. Obviously, the water started to fall through. This
represents our lives and how we are imperfect creatures with sin that
is bound to happen. He then put a cup with no holes under the flawed
one. That represents Jesus. We are no longer flawed, but perfect in
God’s eyes. No more water. Later that night, we had more worship and
another message from the dynamic duo (AKA Jim and Chris) After, Chris,
Carson and Reagan led us through a great set of worship music before
they handed the reins over to the Latvian band who sang ‘Our God’ by
Chris Tomlin. It is truly special to see the Latvians leading worship.
The dynamic duo then led us in learning about how to fight off the
devils temptation. Those two do a great job. Then a boy from my group
named Mogley shared with everyone about how Adam and Eve didn’t do a
very good job dealing with temptation before we broke off into our
small groups for deeper discussion. God is truly working miracles and
its great to see the growth of the kids in just this short time. We
are all just so proud of our God and are blessed to be able to be a
part of these kids’ lives for just this short time.